Pre-seed Funding Stage

This prime stage of seed funding falls so early that it’s not even considered as a startup funding. The pre-seed funding stage generally refers to the time period in which a startup is getting their operations off the ground.

Seed Funding Stage

Seed funding allows a startup to fund costs of product launch, get early traction through marketing, initiate important hiring and further market research for developing product-market-fit.

Initial Public Offering

Growing startups that need funding often use this process to generate funds, whereas established organizations use it to allow startup owners to exit some or all of their ownership by selling the shares to the general public.

Bootstrapping to IPO

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A startup demands much more than just a great idea. It demands a lot of time, discipline, dedication, and most importantly, funding. A 2016 British Business Bank Survey highlights the fact that more than 60% of startups require external funding rounds in order to establish their ground firmly. Hence, without further ado, let’s discuss the various startup funding stages that every entrepreneur should know.

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